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                 Mike Boyle of the “Mike Boyle Restaurant & Travel Show “and

Darlene Stacie of Red Carpet World Travel invite you, your family and friends to join us as we sail onboard the new “Amadeus Queen” exploring “1200 Miles on the Beautiful Blue Danube “, including the Danube Delta. The 9-night cruise begins the journey in Vienna and finishes in Bucharest.



             "1,200 Miles on the Beautiful Blue Danube"


Day 1 Vienna

Welcome Dinner


This exciting journey along the Danube begins in Vienna, where you will embark in the afternoon. After exploring your floating luxury hotel, you have the opportunity of meeting the cruise director at a Welcome Cocktail. Our chef will spoil you with a lovingly prepared Welcome Dinner, after which your ship will weigh anchor and head towards Bratislava

Day 2 Bratislava

Walk through the gothic-baroque old town

You arrive in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava before breakfast. This romantic city with its impressive Gothic and Baroque buildings is best explored in the morning,  during the course of a city sightseeing tour, which takes you to all the most beautiful sights. You return to your AMADEUS ship for lunch on board, and thereafter you have the opportunity of visiting the imperial Festchloss Hof, once a residence of the Austrian Empress Maria Theresia, during the afternoon. The sumptuous gardens of this palace are highly recommended. Your ship weighs anchor before midnight and arrives in Esztergom in the morning.

Day 3 Esztergom > Budapest

Evening cruise along the illuminated skyline of Budapest

After breakfast, you can join a guided tour to Esztergom and Szentendre – two towns which, though vastly different, are equally fascinating. In the former Hungarian capital of Esztergom you follow the footsteps of Hungarian kings and clerics, while the artists’ town of Szentendre is unique due to the many museums and contemporary galleries housed there. Passengers who choose to remain on board will, in the meantime, continue to Budapest, where those passengers who opted for the tour will rejoin the ship for lunch.

In order to enjoy the magnificence of the Hungarian capital, you can go on a city sightseeing tour during the afternoon. In the evening, you will enjoy an atmospheric cruise through Budapest, also known as the “Paris of the East”, which is festively lit up at night, revealing Budapest’s most beautiful side. A folklore show on board will complete the experience.

Day 4 Mohacs > Vukovar

Boat tour through the nature reserve Kopacki Rit

You arrive in Mohacs early in the morning, and depart again directly after breakfast, heading towards Croatia. Your cruise ship reaches the eastern Croatian town of Vukovar after lunch, and you can take a city sightseeing tour, followed by a breathtaking excursion to the Kopacki Rit nature park. This 18-hectare nature reserve, situated at the confluence of the Drava and Danube Rivers, is home to a diverse bird population and provides a protected environment for many species of plants and animals. Explore this wetland by boat and enjoy the unspoilt beauty of nature before returning to your AMADEUS ship for dinner. Your ship departs for


Day 5 Belgrade

Visit to the Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade

Enjoy a new day in a new country! You reach Belgrade, the vibrant and distinctly western-influenced capital of Serbia at breakfast time. This metropolis is home to many attractions from various eras and cultures, and you can view these during the course of a morning sightseeing tour. After lunch, you can join an excursion to Topola and Oplenac, where you can see the famous St. George’s Church, which is the final resting place of most of the Serbian royal family. After dinner, night owls get to enjoy an evening excursion to the lively artists’ quarter Skardaljia. The ship will leave the harbor before midnight.

Day 6 Iron Gates

Cruise through the Iron Gates

Spend the day on board and enjoy a truly impressive natural spectacle. Your journey takes you through the “Iron Gates”, one of the most imposing gorges in Europe, which also forms the natural border between Serbia and Romania. One of the most beautiful stretches along the route includes the “Cazan” near the town of Orşova, where the riverbed recedes to 200 meters width and 80 meters depth and passengers will be rewarded with a fascinating view of the surrounding Carpathian Mountains and the Balkan mountain range. The small abbey church Mraconia, which is situated on the Romanian side of the Danube at the water’s edge, is equally worth seeing. The monumental rock sculpture of King Decebalus of Dacia reaches skywards at Dubova, and at 40 meters high is the largest in Europe.

Day 7 Svistov > Giurgiu

Veliko Tarnovo, the oldest town in Bulgaria

Early in the morning you reach the Bulgarian town of Svishtov. Those who wish can take part in an on-land excursion to Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi, which will include an exciting morning filled with culture and history, as well as lunch in a local Bulgarian restaurant, before returning to the ship, which will in the meantime have travelled to Giurgiu. After lunch, the journey continues downriver and in the evening you can enjoy a festive Gala Dinner with your captain and an evening program which will be an atmospheric close to the day.


Day 8 Danube Delta > Saint George Village

Delta Safari boat tour through the nature reserve

Your journey continues through the breathtakingly beautiful Danube Delta, one of the largest wetlands in the world, with a large variety of plant and animal species, which has been declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. You travel along St George’s Canal, also known figuratively as the “end of the Danube” – the so-called “kilometre zero” – where the mighty river flows into the Black Sea. Your destination is the nearby fishing village of St. George, which is the starting point for an exciting Danube Delta boat safari – a great way to discover and get close to the impressive natural landscape and its fascinating flora and fauna. In the afternoon, your AMADEUS ship leaves St. George.

Belgrade during the night.

Day 9 Fetesti > Bucharest

Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest

During breakfast you reach the Romanian town of Fetesti, where you leave your swimming hotel – but your trip is not over yet! You will be transferred to Bucharest, and check in at a centrally-located 4- or 5-star hotel. Thereafter, you can take part in a city sightseeing tour through this vibrant metropolis, which has 2 million inhabitants and a unique charm thanks to its colorful mix of buildings from different eras. At lunch time, you will dine in Bucharest, while in the evening you can enjoy a stylish farewell dinner in your hotel, while reflecting on your exciting Danube journey.

Day 10 Bucharest



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All prices include: All meals and unlimited beer, wine or soft drinks at lunch & dinner. Air, transfers and gratuities ($12 per day per person) and optional shore excursions are not included in these prices.

Air can be arranged departing from any city and you can arrive and depart from any European city for a pre or post stays. Guests may also arrange their own air flights.

A nonrefundable deposit $500pp is due at the time the reservation is confirmed.

Final Payment is due 3/07/2019

Hotels and sightseeing options are available for any pre or post stay.


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